Subway Coupon Platform

An application simple in concept, but with a lot of moving parts due to the different business logic required to move the data around. Coupon offers are built by marketers for Subway, who use the Customer Portfolios Marketing Workbench. Once those offers have been defined, the customers selected, and the terms arranged, those offers are then sent directly to the coupon system, which imports all the offers and creates the coupoSubway Logons. Those are then exported to the Subway’s payments partner, Paydiant, whom we had to write a full integration for. An interface was written to pull in data from Subway’s payments processor to mark coupons as having been used. That “burn data” is then retrievable by the marketers who are able to perform analytics operations on the resulting data. While the end product appears on screen as a simple coupon an QR code, there is far more going on behind the scenes.

We built a complete system capable of delivering different styles of content.  Depending on the individual offer details, a full coupon could be displayed, or simply a QR code for embedding into emails, and anything in between. This provides a robust and dynamic platform which will feed their customers for years to come.

This is a Java-based product running on Tomcat and using a PostgreSQL database.