PillHelp Works

PillHelp Works is tool for pharmacists to help patients and doctors manage drug therapy more efficiently. This tool was written under the direct supervision of a pharmacist. Using his decades of experience on the bench and helping others, he developed the framework and design of this tool to facilitate better and more productive interaction between the pharmacists dispensing medications, the doctors prescribing them, and the patients taking them. With this tool, pharmacists can get a view of all of a patents’ illnesses, diagnostic reports, and health histories all under one roof. This allows pharmacists to make recommendations for combined treatments, therapeutic changes based on drug interactions, and ultimately ends up saving patients and insurers a lot of money in the process, not to mention improving the overall health of the patients themselves.

PillHelp Works was built leveraging open source technologies. Its core is a MySQL database with PHP powering the back end. The front end uses the Bootstrap framework for its responsiveness and flexibility, all APIs are written to use both XML and JSON data, and lives on a HIPAA-compliant server infrastructure.