Encore/Clienteling Application

Commonly called a “Clienteling” platform, Encore helps retail associates make informed recommendations to their customers. Encore allows sales and marketing data to be used by store associates to better help their customers using real-time and collected data in an easy-to-digest format. Encore uses a web browser for display and delivery of data, communicating with our secure back-end API. ┬áThis system enables real-time engagement, including: offers, promotions, sales, or simply to help match a name to a face so a regular customer can be greeted by a friendly “hello”.

The interface has multiple access levels, including administrative, management, and associate, allowing different tasks to be completed by different types of employees. There are task views and creation tools to cue associates to communicate with customers, administrative views to see who has been performing their assigned duties, messaging to keep track of non-product customer interests, and much more. This platform works with the Preferred Customer Mobile App, which can trigger the Encore platform to notify associates when a preferred customer is in (or near) a store, allowing for an entirely personalized shopping experience for the discerning customer.