APRSI Mobile App

This iOS and Android application is the mobile component of an extremely robust suite of tools for property brokers, owners, contractors, and crew members. In the field, this App provides the ability for workers to document all the steps in the restoration or recovery of a property from start to finish. It integrates seamlessly with the billing, reporting, and administrative systems and provides the main point of entry for nearly all data associated with the labor-end of the business. It is used daily by hundreds and hundreds of crew members, supervisors, and inspectors to document their work. Included are features for easy accessibility when wearing work gear, meaning crew members do not have to remove their gloves to use the app and can speech-navigate. This preserves longevity of the devices, and simplifies data entry. Numerous other features are geared towards diverse crews such as the ability to scale text sizes, full multi-lingual support, and real-time OTA updating if changes occur while a crew member is already in the field. ClearCode is assisting in a growth strategy while also continuing to actively develop new features and updates to existing ones.