Nicole Koerner

Business Manager

Nicole graduated from the University of Southern Maine with an English degree and graduate certification in Secondary Education. Some of her past professional roles include Special Education, Food Service Manager, Head of Communications & Research, Customer Service Support Agent, E-Services Specialist, and Strategic Receivables Portfolio Analyst. For the last 3 years, she has been working as a Documentation Analyst/Technical Writer at a South Portland, Maine company. In addition to her regularly scheduled positions, she has maintained a sole proprietorship for over 10 years offering services for small business management and operations, bookkeeping and tax preparation, professional presentations and marketing material, proofing and editing written publications, and project management. She is delighted to have joined ClearCode Partners at their inception to support their growing operational needs.

Nicole enjoys eating and cooking food, correcting grammar and spelling, travelling, playing word games and the fiddle (not usually simultaneously), making gifts, and binge watching Netflix with her partner, James, and her cockatiel, Dali. She believes in the Oxford comma, that Thursday is the best day of the week, and pie is perfectly acceptable for breakfast.

Personality Profile: Red-Green, ENTJ, top 5 strengths – Maximizer, Achiever, Learner, Strategic, and Adaptability.