Chris Gann

Managing Partner, Senior Developer

Chris is a technologist through-and-through.  He dived straight into tech when he was young, enabled by his electrical engineer and DEC-ie father. His first computer was a TRS-80 Model III, where he learned to write his first BASIC code – modifying a hangman game to let him win. That sparked a life-long love of computers, programming, hardware, operating systems, and everything that had to do with those things. His research librarian mother was instrumental in helping him find books and information about computers and programming languages back in the 80’s before there was a Web. In a single day, he’s been known to install multiple Linux servers, modify a WordPress theme, debug some Java code, push out an iOS app build, and fix his friend’s office PC. His deep understanding of technology and how it works enables Chris to have an incredible insight into many facets of modern systems.  His desk has Windows, Mac, ChromeOS, Android, and iOS devices on it at nearly all times. He still laments BeOS being so far ahead of its time, and the near-extinction of the Amiga.

When not writing code and managing the business, Chris can be found playing with his dogs, shooting his friends in Battlefield, building LEGO sets (then destroying and building them again), coming up with creative punishments for teenagers, cycling around his beautiful home town of Portland (Oregon, not the Maine one), and hanging out with his amazing wife to watch old TV shows and movies together.

Portland Bio: Lives in the numbers. Rides a Diamondback hybrid with disc brakes and a milk crate on the pannier. Eats at Cartlandia, Tik Tok, and Pig-n-Pancake. Called cops about a dead guy on I-205 path.  Member of the Hollywood Theatre. Drinks Dutch Bros. Not a Californian or a hipster.