Mobile Apps

appleandroidMobile App development has become extremely important in today’s business world. ¬†ClearCode is ready to help you make the most of your mobile customer engagements, whether that customer is a member of the general public or your own staff.

Do you need a custom mobile app for your business? Do you have an app already, but need to refresh it? Has your current developer flaked out on you? Let ClearCode be your experienced, reliable partner in the Mobile App world.

We build useful, clean, and powerful iOS and Android mobile apps. We keep up with all the latest developments in the Android and iOS worlds to make sure that your application code stays current with any changes to their respective platforms. Whether you’re looking for a native (Java/Kotlin/Objective-C/Swift) app, or a cross-platform app in Flutter, we’re here to make that happen.

The Apps we write can be distributed through the iTunes Store, Google Play, or none at all. If this is meant to be an internal app, we can help you coordinate Ad-hoc or Enterprise distribution through your own servers. We also can build and sign the apps using your company’s developer accounts if you wish. We do not own your code, and you can take it to an internal team once we’re done, send it to another company – or do whatever you wish with it!

Because of our enterprise and data-driven application development experience, ClearCode is a one-stop shop for building your entire Mobile App infrastructure. ¬†We can design and build your back-end services to securely tie in with your company’s databases, as well as design and deploy the server infrastructure that the API endpoint service runs on.