Application Development

sdlc_-_software_development_life_cycleDoes your business need a better way to get access to its data? Do you need to make fixes or improvements to your existing applications? We will custom design a solution tailored around your specific needs. We get to know your business, not only from a technology perspective, but from a fundamental operations point of view. We want to know what makes your business unique, so that we can deliver a product that your business will be able to profitably leverage for many years to come.

ClearCode adheres to standard development practices. That means we will always have a plan based on your needs and requirements that you will always be able to review and adjust as your needs change. While we are more than capable and willing to be a full-lifecycle developer, we are happy to jump in anywhere in the SDLC that we are needed, and jump out when we’re not.

We support all of our solutions, and we will always be there to make enhancements, improvements, and of course, offer support. We do not “double-bill”, which means if a bug or issue is present in our code, we will never charge you to fix it. That isn’t a good way to do business or maintain loyalty.