API and Data Services

middlewareYour data and how you access it are critical to getting the most from it. We will make it so you can access your data not only from your core database, but also through an API-connected middleware platform. Middleware allows all of your applications, regardless of platform, device, or interface, to speak to your database. You control the level of access and availability of data through a security layer in the middleware. API’s can then be written to take advantage of communicating with the middleware in their respective applications’ native language, or access to the middleware can be direct via standard RESTful or SOAP protocols.

Data Automation

Getting your data around has become more critical than ever. With so many applications, systems, services, and other endpoints available to businesses these day, you need tools to get all that data to where it’s going with minimal intervention. We specialize in building end-to-end systems which will guide you through automating your data exchange through your existing systems.

This increased data visibility to other systems and applications enables your business to do more with one of its most valuable assets. Once the middleware and API are in place, the limits are nearly endless with how that data can be mined and accessed.