ClearCode is a software development and services company with experience in numerous platforms and languages. We offer solutions to help your small-to-medium-sized business grow and prosper by helping to merge new technologies and concepts into existing systems.  We can help you design a new application from the ground-up, revamp and modernize an existing application, help connect you and others to your data, and build scaling platforms that will serve you now and in the future.

We do not outsource our programming work, we are not a front for off-shore development, and we pride ourselves in our transparency. You can speak to the developer(s) working on your projects at any time. You will always know how to reach someone, there will be no question about who is managing your project or who is accountable in the unthinkable event something were to go awry. Do you want a team member on-site? No problem.

ClearCode’s enterprise application development is primarily browser-based.  This has enabled us to deliver truly cross-platform applications that can be run on any desktop, laptop, even mobile devices.  We leverage standard off-the-shelf design frameworks for maximum future compatibility and support.  ClearCode uses primarily Open Source tools where applicable, due to their high rate of adoption, reliability, and broad industry support. This means our platforms are typically Java, Linux, and PostgreSQL, but we also gladly and proudly support SQL Server on Windows platforms and .NET (C#, mainly) in Windows and via Mono on Linux.

Because of our platform flexibility, we are able to help build and scale applications to be deployed to popular cloud services such as Amazon RedShift (PostgreSQL), Microsoft Azure (SQL Server), or Google Cloud Platform (MySQL). We are also able to tailor our solutions to mix-and-match services from any of the above.  Want to use your own infrastructure? That’s fine too!  We’re flexible.

Our developers work with Java, C#, Objective-C, C++, PHP, javascript (jQuery, node.js, etc.), CSS, and many other languages on a daily basis. We deploy our applications to Linux (normally Ubuntu or CentOS) and Windows servers using Apache HTTPd, nginx, Apache Tomcat, IIS, Varnish, and more.  Our preferred relational database platform is PostgreSQL, but SQL Server is a close second. We evaluate noSQL databases on a per-job basis, because they’re all very different with different strengths and weaknesses, though we usually go with MongoDB.